Women only

It is easy enough: to present, convince, recommend and appoint.

Many women have no problem standing in front of somebody and representing their opinion. As long as it is within familiar surroundings.

But what about in public, in front of colleagues or even the boss?

How can you get your professional and emotional competences to shine in front of an audience?

Does speaking in front of strangers give you a tummy ache? Do you feel paralyzed? Do the words get stuck in your throat? Then you are right with us.

Whether in a presentation, in a team meeting, or during a qualification dialogue, your appearance counts! The messenger is the message!

In this training for women you work with concrete themes and situations. We act them out; practice them, so that you can transfer these examples into your daily life.

We will also teach you strategies how to get mentally and physically prepared for difficult situations, so that you can stand securely in the center of attention.