Web-TV and Image-Film

No matter whether in film, corporate TV, PR movie or Web 2.0, sometimes it’s not enough to film products, houses or real estate.

Sooner or later people will want to speak up! The boss, top manager, key accountant, chief analyst, head of HR!

These people are top in their functions, but not necessarily top protagonist in corporate movies. They need training on camera, microphone and prompter.

To help people to perform authentically and free of fear is our daily business. But it’s too late to practice once your client is standing on the set in front of a camera or a prompter.

People showing up in such productions, should get the oppotunity to practice in advance, regularly and individually. If required the coaching can be continued right on site.

This will cut down the costs of the shooting.

We recommend to integrate a couple of training sessions in your basic offers. Your client needs to know the options to decide wether or not to take advantage of this opportunity.

We will be glad to inform you about the expenses.