Media Training

As an expert of your specific field or as a superior with many responsibilities, people will expect your performance in front of a camera or microphone to be competent, sensitive and convincing.

To be successful in front of media is learnable.

The more you know about how media works, about rules and inherent necessities, the more relaxed and safe you will feel around journalists.

It may even happen, that you will begin to enjoy media performances.

We will help you to:

  • train playfully but practically
  • say the essential facts in a short time
  • realize that you need a goal for yourself
  • realize the need to prepare a simple key message
  • understand that working with stories and imagery is important
  • cope with the time pressure of media

We practice statements, interviews, disputes and duplexes on demand. We work in groups or alone.

» more details of a standard media training (pdf)
» more details of a media training for top executives (pdf)