Brigitt Walser

Performance coach
WingWave Coach
Business Coach for systemic short-term methods
NLP Master
TriYoga Teacher Basic/Level 1

– Instructor at ISI, Institute for systemic development and leadership, Zurich
– Instructor at MAZ, the Swiss journalist school, Luzern
– Instructor at various universities and colleges
– Personal trainer and coach for exposed people in economy and politics
– Trainer and coach for hosts and anchormen/anchorwomen in TV
– Coach for persons in a process of change
– Coach for small and large events
– Speaker to topics like performance, motivation and energy

Before speak was founded in 1997, Brigitt Walser worked as an actress, as a theater educator and as a theater director. She was involved in countless professional theater productions for 15 years.

From 1991 – 1999 she was the host of «Hau ruck», a children’s program at Swiss national broadcast SF-DRS.